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*#1 New York Times Best Seller
By Randall Monroe
* "Best Book of The Month" September 2014
*#1 "Most Wished For" book on
Are fire tornadoes really possible? What would happen if the earth stopped spinning? The many readers of the exceedingly popular web-comic "xkcd" send in all kinds of questions to it's creator, Randall Monroe. The former NASA robotocist has all the answers. This brand new publication includes never before seen quandaries and the responses that are as funny as they are informative. 
*Some Trees is a winner of the Yale Younger Poet's Prize
According to a September 2014 article in the New York Times, the first time Pulitzer-Prize winning poet John Ashbery saw his work in digital format, he was so taken aback that the books were withdrawn. At the time, there were no line breaks and his work did not at all appear as it was written. Fortunately for everyone, he has given the format a second chance, and he seems to be satisfied by his choice. Upon the final agreement of Mr. Ashbery's works being put into ebook form, Robert Polito, the President of the Poetry Foundation commented "John Ashbery is our T.S. Elliot, our Gertrude Stein. It is vital that his work be authoritatively available in as many formats as possible." His books are now on Freading for downloading.
By Charles M. Blow
*A New York Observer "Top Ten Books of The Fall" pick
*A BookRiot "Five Books to Watch For in September" pick
The astounding memoir of New York Times Columnist Charles M. Blow and his childhood in Louisiana. It's a story of poverty, fear, racism, anger, and also love. Mr. Blow's story teaches us that you always have to believe in yourself, even at the darkest of times.
"A luminous memoir"- Alice Walker
"Brave and powerful"
- Publisher's Weekly
"Ferocious...heartbreaking beauty"-
What if you could know your romantic future? Would you want to know? Or would you continue your life as it is?  In the magical debut novel by Gregory Shirl entitled "The Future for Curious People", the author envisions a time when a doctor can put your name into a computer, along with that of your mate, and tell you if it's a good match.
"Comic and exuberant...a fine and tender tale"
- Author Rhonda Riley
"Entertaining"- Kirkus Reviews
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Best-selling author Alice Hoffman has had her amazing work published in twenty different languages all over the world. Her short fiction and non-fiction have been published in The New YorkTimes, Architectural Digest, and The Boston GlobeMagazine. Her novels have received notable mentions from Library Journal, The New York Timesand People Magazine among others. Multiple novels from Ms. Hoffman are now available on Freading. Just a few of them are highlighted below.
At Risk
Stunning novel that tells the story of a family fractured by illness and how life can stop any of us in our tracks at anytime.
"deeply impressive...powerful"- Newsweek
"Compassionate...this is a serious, honest novel"-Village Voice
"Brilliant"- The Chicago Tribune
Illumination Night
Set in summertime on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. It is the story of several seemingly ordinary lives that are intertwined in unexpected ways.
"Daringly mixing comedy with tragedy...a narrative that somehow makes a myth out of the sticky complexities of contemporary marriage...her characters are branded into one's memory"- The New York Times Book Review
" Reading an authentic prose stylist of high order is an uncommon privilege"- The Boston Globe
Property Of
The narrator is a lonely, intelligent 17-year-old girl who feels like an outsider and just wants to belong. She joins a street gang in her attempt to feel a part of something.
"A reader is in good hands with Alice Hoffman, able to count on many pleasures"- USA Today
"She is a born storyteller"-Entertainment Weekly
Fortune's Daughter
A young woman is abandoned by her boyfriend when he discovers she is pregnant. The girl hopes to find comfort in visit to a fortune teller but does not know that her visit will start a new chain of events in the fortune teller's life.
"Breathtaking...heartwarming...intimate and lovely"- People Magazine
"One of those rare books that isn't comparable to other books at all"
- The Boston Herald
" A seductive exploration of the nature of friendship, the exquisite presence of beauty and magic"- Publishers Weekly
                                STUDY HELP
If you or someone in your life is currently a student, don't forget that Freading has a profusion of exceptionally helpful study guides in addition to many titles at that are required reading. Need help studying for that exam about World War I or writing an essay about The Great Gatsby? Sparknotes are like tutors that are available to you 24 hours a day. 
Fall is back to school time, but it is also a time when brand new television programs are aired. Some shows become a part of our cultural history, others might just simply be a way to tune out the troubles of your day. These books are fun, but also an informative look at a world-wide form of entertainment and communication that most of us have access to. 
Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live
By Doug Hill & Jeff Weingrad
SNL was a groundbreaking show when it started, and it made stars out of comics that are now legends of their craft such as Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Jim Belushi and Eddie Murphy. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make the show happen. This book takes you there.
"It reads like a thriller and it may be the best book ever written about television"- The Associated Press
"An engrossing, compulsively readable history"
- Library Journal
Show Me The Funny
by Peter Desberg & Jeffrey Davis
Have you ever watched a favorite television program and wondered how the writers keep coming up with such interesting or funny lines week after week? This book brings together the brilliant minds behind incredibly successful, top shows such as Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond among others. The writers are put in a room together to deal with an assignment they have no previous knowledge of,  so there is no previous preparation for it. You get a front row seat as to what happens by reading this book.
"Clever and educational...a testament to the creative process"-An reader review
The Oprah Effect
by Nancy Mehagian
Whether or not you watched Oprah Winfrey's show, and whether or not you actually like her, there is no denying she is an incredibly successful woman who may have a few ideas that we can all learn a little bit from. This book compiles a thoughtful list of lessons to take away from her show, and from the woman herself. One of the stories that stayed with me was an entry written by a man who used to work for Oprah. He was not a high man on the totem pole by any means and saw her infrequently. He still learned from her. What he took away is that Oprah is not the empire we know today by pretending she can do it all herself. She is nice to everyone, she makes a point to know something about everyone, tries to help whomever she can, and she lets people help her. She builds her support system around her.
"inspirational..powerful, life changing lessons"- An reader review
by Saul Austerlitz
Captivating and entertaining book on the history of the Sitcom and the changes that have occurred from The Dick Van Dyke Show, to M*A*S*H, all the way to Seinfeld and 30 Rock.
"A smart new book"- The New Yorker
"Astute and bursting with information"- Kirkus Reviews
"A compulsively readable and often laugh-out-loud study of the American sitcom"- Library Journal
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