Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Natchez Burning by Greg Iles--Review by Lynn Richardson

Thanks to Lynn Richardson for providing this great review of Greg Iles' latest thriller, Natchez Burning. After reading her review, I can't wait to check it out!

I really do hate to sound trite, but this book is really a page turner. Be warned, it is long, 788 pages. But worth every minute spent reading it. I confess, no housework or cooking got done until I had finished it. This is the first of a trilogy and it is going to be hard to wait for the next two books. The writer left a number of characters in place for more books. The setting is present day, but the past of the civil rights era of the early sixties is what started the events in play. The early murders of civil rights activists in Ms., and La. and the murders of the informants who infiltrated the KKK. Some of the references are based on fact and others are inspired by real cases. The present day and they are set in the present, bad guys are very believable and are just as evil as the old KKK. In fact, some are descendants of the early members of the Klan. The plot involves a reporter who has focused on three fictional murders in Ferriday,La. in the early sixties. He has done a great deal of research, talked to friends and family members of the victims and is trying to bring FBI attention to these cases. This threatens the people who committed the crimes, so he talks to attorney Penn Cage, who has been featured in earlier works by the author. When he finds out his father may have been somehow involved with one of the victims, he decides to help the reporter. Things go downhill from that point and his father is accused of a mercy killing of one of his patients. She was a nurse who had worked for his father for some years, then moved to Chicago. She had come back to Natchez very ill with cancer and was being treated by Penn Cage's father. If I write much more, it will give away too much of the plot and you would not have to read the book. Since this is a book that is really enjoyable I will say no more, just happy reading and read slowly. Lynn Richardson

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