Friday, June 20, 2014

The Long Fall by Walter Mosley

The Long Fall is the first book in Walter Mosley's Leonid McGill series. Mosley leaves Easy Rollins and Los Angeles behind and moves to New York with former prizefighter and current P.I. McGill. McGill has lots of baggage, and his biggest problem is that he wants to be good and do the right thing. Somehow, that seems almost impossible in McGill's world.

Temptation is everywhere in 21st century New York. McGill is old school and more that slightly connected with some really bad guys. His attempt to go straight is stymied by some seemingly innocent jobs that turn out to be much more complicated than expected. In addition, McGill's ex-wife and children add to the drama and his beautiful landlady is something of a siren, calling him into additional complications that he really doesn't need but really, really wants.

Mosley is one of the best crime writers. His books combine grit with colorful characters whose imperfections often include a heart of gold.

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