Friday, July 26, 2013

Twisted by Johnathan Kellerman

Petra Conner appeared as a secondary character in Kellerman's 2003 Alex Delaware story, A Cold Heart. In Twisted, she takes center stage and holds her own as a lead character.

Petra is a Los Angeles police detective working on a drive-by shooting. Her boss assigns her to baby-sit Isaac Gomez, a detective want-to-be who has a genius level intellect, political connections and few social skills. Isaac presents Petra with statistical evidence that indicates the existence of a serial killer who will strike again soon if they cannot solve the case. While Petra chases dead ends in the drive-by, she also begins to see the truth in Isaac's analysis. They work both cases through many clever plot twists to a satisfying conclusion.

Kellerman is a master of psychological suspense. This book is another example of his skill.

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