Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Readers “Dig” Books at the Library

Pirates, dinosaurs, and burrowing animals were some of the topics covered this summer as children at the Lincoln County Public Library “dug into” their reading this summer. Children enjoyed a visit from the Jackson “Zoomobile” featured a speckled king snake, a ferret and an African bull frog. All summer the children played circle games (including wrap the mummy), won small prizes, and earned coupons from local businesses for their reading. “Myrtle the Turtle” talked about how litter harms wildlife, a visit from “Sammy Soil” included information about recycling, and the older children helped the Master Gardeners plant a flower garden.

Our pirate parties (2) included walk the plank, a “go fish” booth, digging for treasure in several places, a garden craft, circle games and refreshments. Friends of the Library helped with crafts, face painting (preschool party), and supervising the digging for treasure.

“This summer we had some dedicated junior volunteers,” said Donna Kenney, children’s librarian. “Alexis Smith, Alexis Walker, Ashlyn McEwen, Cody Barrett Jr., Joe Richardson, and Rachel Farnham shelved many books, helped with the parties, etc. We could not have run the program without them. The Master Gardeners spent hours preparing a flower bed and helping the children plant the flowers. Homer Richardson and Ronnie Durr reminded children to Keep Lincoln County Beautiful – don’t litter, and staff from the Lincoln County Soil & Water Conservation District talked to the children about how important it is to take care of our world."

Thanks to everyone who helped make this summer a success!
Donna Kenney

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