Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fearless by Diana Palmer

Romance writers don't write for guys. Even the most action-filled, suspenseful romance is far too filled with mindless emotion, heartfelt longing and angst. I actually picked up Fearless because it had a picture of horses and a cowboy on the cover. I assumed it was a western.

But, I finished it anyway. The story is good, the characters are well written and, if you skip over the seemingly endless obsessing by the heroine, the plot moves well. Gloryanne Barnes is a prosecutor for the San Antonio legal system. When a drug lord threatens to kill her, she is sent with a cover identity to hide on the organic farm where she grew up. There she meets manager Rodrigo Ramirez who is not what he seems either.

The story moves along and Gloryanne and Rodrigo have some surprisingly steamy scenes--it may not be 50 Shades, but it isn't PG either. I don't mean to sound chauvinist, but all in all, if you like romance, you'll enjoy Fearless. If you're a guy, you probably won't.

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