Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bones of Coral by James W. Hall

James W. Hall is one of my favorite beach writers. His books are set in  south Florida and move very quickly. This book does not feature his usual character, Thorn, but rather Paramedic Shaw Chandler. Shaw responds to a Miami suicide which isn't what it seems. Even the victim isn't what he seems--he turns out to be Shaw's long-lost father. Shaw's mother finds herself on hard times and Shaw returns to Key West to bail her out financially. There he rekindles his relationship with his childhood sweetheart who is now a soap-opera star.

Against all of this set up, Hall contrasts the totally evil bad guys. Douglas Barnes is an amoral captain of industry who will do anything to increase his wealth. Dougie is Douglas' son, who spent his youth in mental institutions and, now in his 30's, is his father's most successful hit man.

As summer begins, I recommend any of Hall's books for vacation reading.

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