Tuesday, January 15, 2013

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks

I've got to start out by admitting that I really am not a fan of Nicholas Sparks. Most of his plots are saccharine and predictable. His characters are often cliches. But his writing isn't that bad. True Believer exhibits all of these characteristics--and that's what made it so enjoyable to me right now.

Sometimes it is fun to just escape. Sparks' books are generally set on the beautiful North Carolina coast with scenes set on the outer banks and in the charming small towns inland. His story may be predictable, but that is a plus when life gets a little too complicated and you want everything to work out right in the end.

Jeremy March is a typical New York yuppie--rich, successful and dressed in black. He comes to Boone Creek to investigate the ghostly appearance of lights in the community cemetery. He meets the town librarian and her psychic mother and, following a number of adventures and predictable plot twists, lives happily ever after.

True Believer is a long way from great literature, but it is a wonderfully readable escape from whatever distractions are complicating your life.

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