Friday, December 14, 2012

The Genius by Jesse Kellerman

Jesse Kellerman is the son of two best-selling authors, Faye and Jonathan Kellerman. All three are excellent writers. In the Genius, Jesse gives us a completely engrossing tale of successful art dealer Ethan Muller. Ethan is the son of a billionaire who has succeeded in the cut-throat world of art on his own. A cache of incredibly detailed drawings obviously created by an artistic genius is found in an abandoned apartment in one of Ethan's father's buildings. Ethan tries vainly to find the creator and then sets out to sell the art for huge sums of money.

As Ethan's efforts proceed, he is contacted by a retired cop who recognises one of the faces in one of the drawings as that of a murdered boy. Ethan finds himself embroiled in a deadly world of evil and genius.

One very poignant factor in this book is that the retired cop lived on the Atlantic coast in the Bronx--in an area that was totally destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

This is a fast-moving and sophisticated study of personality and motivation. I could not put it down!

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