Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Associate by John Grisham

The Associate is more than a little like Grisham's break out book, The Firm. This time, Mitch McDeere is played by Kyle McAvoy, who finished his years at Yale Law as editor of the Yale Law Journal. He is set to spend a year giving back through working public service cases when Bennie Wright changes Kyle's plans.

Bennie (not his real name) has gotten his hands on a video of a fraternity party that got seriously out of hand. And while Kyle spent most of the party passed out, an underage coed accused the whole group of rape. Eventually, charges were dropped and Kyle went on the wagon, but the appearance of this video would wreck Kyle's future. So Bennie blackmails Kyle into going to work for one of the two most powerful Wall Street law firms as a spy.

Kyle is a very likable hero, and the action never stops. While this is not Grisham at his best, it is a real page turner.

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