Friday, August 3, 2012

Rope by Nevada Barr, reviewed by Lynn Richardson

Lynn Richardson is very kind to share her opinions on some of the books she has read lately. She shares my appreciation of Nevada Barr's writing. I can't wait to get my hands on the new Anna Pigeon book which fills in some of Anna's background.

ROPE-by Nevada Barr A great read, especially if you are a fan of Anna Pigeon, Ms. Barr's Park Ranger heroine. Anna is one of my favorites. She is a take charge, always curious investigator. Does not do really dim things as the characters in some older mystery and suspense books often did. This book tells us how Anna got to be Anna, something most of us have wanted to know. It starts at the beginning of her career as a seasonal employee of the park service,neither physically or mentally fit at the time. She starts to remedy both problems and finds herself at the bottom of a deep hole with no way out. How she starts to use her reason and logic to get out is an example of what can be done when one puts one's mind to the task. Of course, we know she eventually got out or there would have been no other Anna Pigeon books. Ms. Barr is that rarity, an author whose first book, Track of the Cat, was every bit as good as her last. A bit of trivia here, Ms. Barr lived in the Jackson area for a while but now resides in New Orleans. She had worked for the Park Service at one time. Somewhere I came across a quote that said she killed off some unpleasant co-workers in her books. I don't know if that is true or not. Certainly it might have been tempting.

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