Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

I have long been a fan of Ken Follett's thrillers. I love the genre and he writes and plots very well. But I am becoming a bigger fan of Follett's historicals. Yeah, they really are very long soap operas filled with love, marriage, cheating and a detailed examination of the interpersonal relationships of the characters. What matters, however, is how these seemingly irrelevant details contribute in a major way to historical Big Events.

In Fall of Giants, Follett takes on World War I. His stage is the entire western world, from the coal mines of Wales to the White House in Washington to the hovels of St. Petersburg to the gracious townhouses of London  and barren fields of Siberia. The book follows five families as their fortunes rise and fall against the background of WWI, the rise of Communism and the ascendancy of the United States.

The book is a wonderful fun read with cliff-hanger chapters filled with political and personal intrigue. And, important to me, Follett's writing is top notch.

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