Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Changes Coming!

We are so excited! Through several federal Universal Service Fund and LSTA grants, the Lincoln Lawrence Franklin Regional Library is leading the way to upgrades in technology for all thirteen members of the Longleaf Library Consortium. Six new servers are in-house in Brookhaven awaiting installation. When the servers are installed, through a series of events over the next several months, all the consortium data will be transferred from the old servers in Columbia to the servers in Brookhaven. The data consists of patron information as well as the book, DVD, video, audio and equipment records. With this process comes a multi-level upgrade in Polaris software which will affect the consortium catalog, circulation procedures, and much more. AT&T has installed a new high speed fiber telecom line into the Lincoln County Public Library for quicker access. The transfer is scheduled to be complete by late October with minimal disruption.

New servers and telecom equipment July 2011
 More new software will control access to the public computers in Brookhaven and Columbia (the first two sites installed). Envisionware will install the software on the new servers and this will enable patrons to reserve a computer and check it out with a library card without going to the circulation desk first. (We hope this will alleviate the waiting lines.) Guests will be required to obtain a guest pass and password from the circulation desk. Patrons will be restricted to 3 one-hour sessions per day but this may change if usage requires an adjustment. Printing will also be controlled by the software and will help reduce wasted paper and supplies. We will bring you updates as they occur during this exciting process. Ask your local library staff any questions you might have.

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