Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Small Favor by Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden is Chicago's only practicing wizard. He avoids taking sides in most of the disputes in the magical world, but consistently works for what he feels and intuits as "good." He is especially concerned about the world's human population, which most in the magical sphere simply regard as a nuance. While Harry finds himself more or less aligned with the White Council, nobody in the magical world is really "good."
In Small Favor, Harry finds himself beholden to Mab, Queen of the Winter Court. She calls in a "small favor" which puts Harry and everyone he holds dear in extreme danger. Spells fly, monsters and demons straight from hell are called forth and Harry swashbuckles his way from one nearly  fatal encounter to the next. It is all exciting, suspenseful and, for me, unfortunately, a little too over the top to suspend belief.
A while back I wrote about a Dresden graphic novel, Welcome to the Jungle. I do think that format was better suited to the subject than the novel, however, the novel is an exciting and enjoyable read.

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