Friday, October 29, 2010

Great Athletes

I have another great set of books to share with you. It's an 8-volume set called Great Athletes that is perfect for reports, projects or if you are just interested in reading about athletes and sports. It's a reference resource for middle and high school students that is very easy and enjoyable to use. It covers the world of sports up until the beginning of 2001. Every article features a photograph, a brief biography, accomplishments, awards and statistics of each individual. The articles average two to three pages in length and has one-thousand-word-long profiles accessible in tone and style to young readers. These athletes represent more that fifty different nations and sixty different sports. One thing I really liked about the books is that at the end of each article there is a brief summary and additional sources. Volume 8 includes appendices that are really interesting. I learned that in 1999 the Associated Press voted by a sixteen-member panel the most outstanding athletes of the twen tieth century and one of them was not human! Care to guess the name of the "non-human" top athlete of the twentieth century?

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