Friday, October 8, 2010

Countries of the World

I recently reviewed two resources that would be excellent to use for reports and projects. One of them is a set of books at the Library called Countries Of The World and Their Leaders Yearbook . This is a two volume set of books arranged in alphabetical order by the short-form name of each country. I didn't realize that countries have a short-form name and a long-form name, did you? The information in the books is outstanding. It has a profile for each country that includes geography, people, government, economy, etc. It has medical facilites, traffic safety and road conditions, special circumstances in each country and much, much more. There is information in Volume 2 that helps you plan a trip abroad with the first step of registering with the Department of State and going from there. It has information for special needs travelers, considerations for certain vaccines, reports of terrorism, etc. The second resource is at fact book. This website has information about countries also. It has a dropbox at the top where you can select a country or location. It's very easy to use with color pictures of the flags and even pictures taken inside many of the countries. It has maps and tons of information and the best part of all is that it is very user-friendly and updated bi-weekly. There is a World Leaders link on the left that will give you the Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of the countries. Whether you have a report, project, a trip abroad or just like to learn things, you will enjoy these resources!

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