Monday, October 4, 2010

Asheville, NC

This summer, we spent a week in one of the coolest small cities in America: Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville is cool in just about every way you can imagine. First of all, being in the mountains, the summer temperatures are fairly comfortable. Another thing that really ratchets up the coolness for me is that Asheville has a very walkable downtown, filled with beautiful examples of art deco and other styles of architecture. It is also a real art center with lots of galleries  for every taste. There are sidewalk cafes, the Grove Park Inn, lots of entertainment options and, of course, the spectacular Biltmore House. And I haven't even mentioned the unbelievable beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I guess I should also mention that my wife grew up there, so that really makes Asheville one of the greatest locations on the planet!

Hiking in the mountains is a wonderful experience. Pick up a trail guide to plan an day hike or just follow a few nature trails. No matter how you go, you will be rewarded with a great experience.
And for those who just can't get enough hiking, there is the Appalachian Trail. With well over 2,100 miles of mountain trail, this will provide a challenge for even the most seasoned hiker. The Appalachian Trail Hiker, by Victoria and Frank Logue has lots of great information for anyone interested in undertaking a serious hike on the "AT."

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