Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring gardening

We are having the greatest spring weather this year. We spent every possible minute outside this past weekend.

The library's copy of the Gulf Coast Camellian arrived today. Editor Jeri Jinks does a great job with this little magazine. It was great to see reports on camellia shows from Fort Walton to Baton Rouge, including Brookhaven's own show. There is an article on planting under live oaks and a skill my father was a  master at, but I never did accomplish: air layering.

We went to New Orleans last Friday. The drive down was beautiful. Brilliant red swamp maples and yellow-green willows lined the bridge over the swamp. Palmettos and palms contrasted with their "summer" green. Our business was uptown, and we enjoyed the St. Charles Avenue and Garden District gardens as we drove. We couldn't resist running down to the Quarter when we were done, where we admired the beautiful "hanging gardens" on the balconies of many of the residences, all freshened up for spring.

Potted gardens such as these are the subject of the beautiful new book Pots in the Garden by Ray Rogers. The book is filled with inspirational photographs of pots filled with plants in gardens filled with pots. If you aren't sure the last cold nip has passed, starting out in pots is a great way to begin gardening now.

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