Monday, March 15, 2010

Not So Big Remodeling

Friends of ours have turned "We need a new stove" into a floor-to-ceiling kitchen remodel. I was so jealous of their new project that I spent most of the beautiful spring weekend inside re-painting our kitchen. Cleaning and freshening up the space made me realize that our kitchen is already great, just a little cluttered. Maybe next week end we'll attack the clutter.
My kitchen efforts were based on one of the best tips Sarah Susanka and Marc Vassallo offer in Not So Big Remodeling: clean up and de-clutter. "You may discover that you already have the space you need without doing anything more than this" (p.8). It worked for me!
Susanka has made her reputation with her series of "Not So Big" books. She advocates for homes that are carefully planned to provide the best possible quality of life in the smallest required space. Her idea is to spend your money on top quality materials and design rather than empty floor space. Her ideas are practical and beautiful.
Not So Big Remodeling is filled with great ideas and hundreds of photographs to inspire you. They cover every aspect of turning an older house into a "not so big" home.

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