Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Okay, so I just got back from the annual MS Library Association conference at USM (Southern to most of us) and I am pumped up with new technology application information. Adding glogs, vlogs, video, book trailers, and more techie things to our library website and blog are just swirling around in my head. To those of you who follow our blog and website and are on dial-up, I have one word: Sorry. For those of you who have DSL or a faster telecommunications link: Hooray! Now you can watch some of the cool apps we'll be adding to our sites.

I am so excited that authors are beginning to add video book trailers to their websites or to their publishers websites or on YouTube. It just makes you want to read, read, read! To start, I found a cool vlogger named Jackson Pearce who make videos of the writing process. She will probably appeal to younger adults since she (yes, she) is fairly young herself. It is however, a fascinating look at the writing and publishing process from her viewpoint. And the video I've embedded in the title of this post is about how to make time to write every day. If you would like to watch more of her vlogs, you can visit her website www.jacksonpearce.com

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