Thursday, October 8, 2009

Terry Brooks's Armageddon's Children

I grabbed Armageddon's Children as I ran out of the building late (as usual). I've been meaning to read Terry Brooks since he is such a popular Science Fiction author and this audio book was the first to catch my eye. It is a good story, as dark and foreboding as you might expect. It is professionally written.

For me, the gold standard in post-apocalyptic fiction is Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake. I'll write more about it later since I'm re-reading it in preparation for her new book set in the same world. Brooks' book doesn't live up to Atwood's but it is an enjoyable listen.

An enjoyable listen, that is, until the end. As I neared the conclusion, I kept wondering how in the world he is going to resolve this plot line. And the fact is he doesn't. I didn't realize that this is the first book in a trilogy, so now I've got two more books to get through before I know how it all turns out.

Logan Tom and Angel Perez are the last remaining Knights of the World and are independently converging on the Pacific Northwest in the ruined post apocalyptic world searching for the gypsy morph. A group of street children who call themselves ghosts are struggling to survive, as are other similar groups, in a world where the few remaining humans are trying to exist in fortified cities increasingly under siege by the various groups of deadly mutants who have inherited the earth.

The story is engaging and Dick Hall reads it quite well. My primary disappointment is the packaging which didn't say that this was the unresolved first volume of a trilogy!

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  1. Oh I'm sorry you had to experience that horrible surprise! Brooks has started writing these trilogy's where you can only read a third of the story at a time. Sometimes I think its annoying because its just a way to sell more books$$. But it also can add to the excitement when you have to wait to see what happens. Just so you know, the other two books of the trilogy are published and fabulous. I hope you liked Armageddon's Children enough to find out what happens!