Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Automobiles by Giles Chapman

As a kid, I was a total car nut. Watching Grand Pre racers in Monaco on TV was better than eating ice cream and candy. I didn't care much for NASCAR or drag racing, for I loved the cutting edge modern technology and especially the sense of style that the emerging science of aerodynamics was producing. When I saw The illustrated Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Automobiles on the new book shelf I was instantly transformed back into that innocent, starry eyed boy.

The book is not an encyclopedia in the usual sense. It doesn't cover every car or maker. It doesn't have a lot of exposition. What it does have is evocative photos and text that transported me back to Tomorrowland (before Disney remodeled it).

If you were a child in love with European motorsports like I was, this book will bring back wonderful memories.

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