Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pirates of Pensacola by keith Thomson

The Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean are famous as the haunt of historic pirates. It is easy to imagine their lives spent in this tropical paradise, stealing, drinking, sailing and more than likely dieing young. It is less easy to imagine that some pirates lived to a ripe old age and are, in fact, still wearing eye patches and wooden legs and still hijacking boats and searching for hidden treasure.

Morgan Cooke doesn’t believe it for a minute. At least not until his pirate father kidnaps him from his boring life as a low level accountant. Morgan doesn’t believe the fantastic tale the old man spins about buried treasure, pirate rivalry or any of the rest of it. Eventually, he decides to go along for the ride, since he wasn’t going anywhere with his life anyway. As Morgan and his father sail farther into the Caribbean he begins to suspect there is more to this story than he was willing to believe.

Pirates of Pensacola” is a wild ride in a pirate ship filled with great battles, stolen gold and lots of wise cracks. Morgan stumbles from one adventure to another in an effort to find the treasure hidden many years ago. Unfortunately, a rival pirate family, the Morgans, is also on the trail of the gold. Other complications surface and the twisted tale keeps you sailing to the end of the book.

Keith Thomson is a screenwriter who lives in Palo Alto, CA.

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