Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beach Road by James Patterson and Peter de Jonge

I picked up the audio book of Beach Road because it was set in the Hamptons. We've been enjoying the new TV show, Royal Pains, set there and I thought it would be fun to see another take on that environment. Beach Road is a good beach book, something exciting and colorful that you can't think too much about if you want to maintain your suspension of disbelief.

A pick up basketball game at a billionaire's estate leads to a confrontation involving a gun. Our ne'er do well lawyer/hero Tom Dunleavy manages to defuse the situation, but later four of the guys involved are killed. The police decide Dante Halleyville, the local basketball star and NBA hopeful, should take the fall. Tom agrees to defend Dante and recruits his ex-girlfriend (who has become a powerful New York attorney) to help him.

The story never slows down and the plot twists tighter and tighter until a final twist that left me screaming at the CD player.

This book is especially well done on audio with different readers for the different characters who narrate the sections of the book.

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