Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle

I've yet to see the Dresden Files on TV or read the novels, but fans tell me both are great. I noticed this graphic novel on the check-in truck and grabbed it to find out what the Dresden Files are all about.

Harry Dresden is a wise-cracking, noir detective who happens to be the only consulting wizard in the Chicago area. He might be what you'd get if Lasat the Vampire bit Phillip Marlowe.

Welcome to the Jungle is a prequel to the first Dresden Files novel. It was created to introduce the series of graphic novel remakes of the original novels, but it is its own separate story.

Here, a gruesome murder occurs at the zoo and the authorities call in Harry to deal with the dark forces at work. Neither the zoo staff nor the police want to work with Harry, but, as usual, Harry overcomes great evil to make the world safe for at least one more day.

This is all great fun, especially for lovers of horror and campy humor. The drawings are first rate and the dialog is dripping with irony. While the plot is shallow, the pace is break-neck. This is a great quick read that repays close attention to the drawings. While this graphic novel hasn't made me into an instant Dresden fan, I do intend to read a few of the novels and try to catch a re-run or two of the TV show.

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