Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Borderline by Nevada Barr

It is hard to believe Nevada Barr has published 15 Anna Pigeon novels--there just aren't enough of them! Her newest, Borderline, is as exciting and descriptive as we have come to expect from Barr. In addition, Anna, who has always been my favorite female detective, becomes a truly human character. She has always been a great character, but in this book she really comes to life.

Following a bad stretch in the last novel, Anna and her husband take a raft trip down the Rio Grand in Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas. The beautiful scenery becomes secondary when one of the fellow rafters insists the party save a cow which has become trapped on a cliff. This seemingly innocent effort leads to danger and murder as Anna proves to be a most unassuming hero.

I'm sure fans of Anna Pigeon are already on the waiting list for this book. If you aren't familiar with Nevada Barr, do yourself a favor and read any of the Anna Pigeon books. Once you get hooked, you won't stop until you've read all 15.

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