Monday, January 19, 2009

David Macaulay

As we all focus on Washington for inauguration day, I remember one unexpected high point of my last visit there. We wandered into the National Building Museum and stumbled into an exhibit of work by David Macaulay. I have always loved Macaulay's books, especially Motel of the Mysteries and The Way Things Work. We stayed absorbed in the relatively small exhibit until the staff ran us out at closing time.

Macaulay's newest book is The Way We Work. While his drawing style has changed somewhat from his earlier books, this large volume has the same attention to detail and signature sense of humor as his previous books. The book is a detailed human anatomy study, beginning at the sub-atomic level and covering all aspects of the body. Macaulay's detailed drawings and wit bring the study of life to life.

The library has many books by Macaulay, all worth study as works of art as well as informative resources.

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