Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Anderson Cooper, Dispatches From the Edge

Anderson Cooper's face is familiar to most Americans. His detached reporting from some of the most dangerous places on earth has made him one of the most trusted voices of the media. Cooper's book, Dispatches From the Edge, put a more human face on that reporting.

Cooper grew up in a life of privilege in New York City. His father was Wyatt Cooper, a playwright born and raised in Quitman, MS. His mother was Gloria Vanderbilt, a socialite and fashion designer from New York. All was not perfect, however. Cooper's father died very young and his brother committed suicide by jumping from Anderson's balcony.

While the wealth certainly came in handy, Cooper's success is due to his risk-taking and hard work. He started out by simply arriving in war-torn cities and filming reports which he submitted on approval.

Cooper covered some of the most frightening places on earth. This book presents the world as a very dangerous place. And while the stories he tells about middle east and African conflicts are unnerving, Cooper's views on hurricane Katrina are heartbreaking.

The book is also available as a recorded book, well read by Cooper himself.

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