Friday, November 7, 2008

The Final Solution by Michael Chabon

This wonderful little book just jumped off the shelf as I was walking by. Of course, I was familiar with the best selling author, but somehow I missed this little gem.

The Final Solution is almost a toss off, a book short enough to read in one (long) sitting, but so filled with lyricism and graceful prose that you'll want it to last. The story is a mystery, set in the 1940's, with a protagonist more than a little like a long-retired Sherlock Holmes. The events are just this side of fantastical, filled with an absurdist sense of wonder. There are also playful illustrations that augment the text.

But what really matters here is the prose. Chabon writes prose that rises above any mundane story or character or concept. This is a perfect book for a long rainy night by the fireplace.

The Final Solution is also available as an unabridged audiobook, beautifully read by Michael York.

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