Monday, September 8, 2008

China Reproductions at the Library

From Donna Kinney, Exhibits Coordinator

Ms. Bonnie Cole is a genealogy buff and loves all things historical. She owns a small collection of reproductions of presidential china from our early presidents. All dessert plates, these reproductions from the Danbury Mint were carefully researched using original plates from private collectors. The back of each plate features a back stamp listing the name and terms in office of the president represented.

It was the custom at one time to “clean house” at the end of each Presidential term of any household items the staff and new occupants felt were of no more use. Odd cups, saucers, etc. were auctioned off when the U. S. Government would appropriate money for a new set of china.

The porcelain is of interest as it reflects the trends in taste and also the historical events of the time. For example, George Washington’s indicates 15 states and Mary Todd Lincoln was criticized for the china she chose, although later it became very popular.

The reproductions will be on view for the month of September at the Lincoln County Public Library.

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