Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sports Biographies

Athletes are among the most focused and driven individuals. While genetics plays a large part in their ability, they must also work unbelievably hard to achieve success at the top level. this drive to succeed can make for some interesting reading.

A few sports biographies recently added to the library's collection are listed here.

Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy (B Dungy). Tony Dungy is the first African American coach to win the Superbowl. His story will inspire everyone, pro football fan or not.

Skating Life by Dorothy Hamill (B Hamill). Most of us remember the perky teenager who skated her way into our hearts in the Olympics. Most of us don't know about her lifelong battle with depression.

Maravich by Wayne Federman and Marshall Terrill (B Maravich). "Pistol Pete" Maravich was a basketball phenom at my Alma Mater, LSU. His early death shocked the sports world.

American Son by Oscar De La Hoya (B De La Hoya). De La Hoya's autobiography describes the great things that can be accomplished through hard work and talent.

A Golfer's Life by Arnold Palmer (B Palmer). Palmer is probably the most well-known golfer in the world. He tells his story with humor and candor.

Tiki: My Life in the Game and Beyond by Tiki Barber (B Barber). Barber has gone from star running back to Today show correspondent always making the most difficult accomplishments seem easy.

Wins, Losses, and Lessons by Lou Holtz (B Holtz). Holtz is the only coach who has led six different schools to season ending bowl games.

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