Thursday, February 7, 2008

Watercolors and Drawings by Hans Friedrich Grohs

The Glow of Faith: Watercolors and Drawings by Hans Friedrich Grohs is the February exhibit at the Lincoln County Public Library.

This exhibit, from the Mississippi Museum of Art, was first shown October 2007 at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson.

Grohs was born in 1892 and studied at the famed Bauhaus under some of the most influntial artists of the time including Walter Gropius, Ernst Kirchner, Lyonel Feininger and Edvard Munch. He exhibited with the top artist of his day, including Munch, Emil Nolde and Oskar Kokoschka. As with many of the greatest German artists before the second World War, Grohs' paintings were burned by Adolf Hitler's Minister of Propaganda. While Grohs did continue to paint secretly, he became more and more withdrawn. He did not, however, ever lose his deeply religious soul.

This exhibit features drawings and watercolors of Grohs' travels among the mountains and fjords of Norway. These small pages present dramatic and majestic landscapes in intimate and very personal form.

I hope everyone will stop by the library this month to see this beautiful work. Many thanks to the Brookhaven Arts Council for bringing this wonderful exhibit to our community.


  1. What beautiful watercolors! Hans Friedrich Grohs is superb!

  2. Thank you - he's my grandfather and his artwork is absolutely beautiful!