Thursday, January 3, 2008

From Manhattan to Mississippi

"You're Moving WHERE???? Daisy Karam-Read's response to her New York and Los Angeles friends results in a most charming volume of her essays about moving to the small Mississippi coastal town of Ocean Springs. As a native of Ocean Springs, I reveled in her essays which recount well-known people and places and events, including The Katrina Event.

Marrying a "Southern boy" brought Karam-Read to the Coast where she found a complex culture more profound than she ever imagined. Inspired by the wonders of this area, she shares her discoveries of southern life as she takes us on an emotional and intellectual journey. How well do most Americans really know the Deep South? Karam-Read's essays shed light on many of the positive aspects that are so seldom revealed.

From the Southern lady to architecture to history to fresh seafood, she refreshes our perspective about the Deep South. The subtitle "A New Yorker Falls in Love with the South" says more than you can imagine. Take time to read this slim volume and you'll feel proud to call Mississippi home. (B/KARAM-READ--Brookhaven)

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  1. Great review, I can't wait to read this book!