Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Think Green!

Good morning,

This morning I have some wonderful new books about building or remodeling "green." Have you been thinking about building a new home or remodeling your existing home? Here is a selection of books to help make some important decisions about your home.

Green Building A to Z by Jerry Yudelson. This handy paperback helps you decipher the language of green building. It provides an easy point of entry to learn about green buildings and green building technology, without presuming any technical or business training by the reader. This book shows how green building relates to some key issues, including: environmental site planning, energy-efficient building design, water conservation, use of recycled and locally sourced materials, and healthy buildings. 690.03/Y--Brookhaven

Green Remodeling by David Johnston. Millions of Americans renovate their home each year and many want to remodel in ways that are as healthy and environmentally friendly as possible. This book points out the energy, cost and health advantages of remodeling and then discusses some general building principles before dealing with specific details room-by-room. 643.7/J--Brookhaven

The Passive Solar House by James Kachadorian. If you are concerned about the rising cost and dependence on fossil fuels, take a look at this book. It offers a technique for building homes that heat and cool themselves in a wide range of climates using ordinary building materials available anywhere and with methods familiar to all building contractors and many do-it-yourselfers. 697.78/K--Brookhaven

The Smart Approach to Home Renovation by Susan Hillstrom. A wonderfully photographed book with over 250 color photos from Creative Homeowner Press. This book features case studies and design workbooks as well as a comprehensive resource guide that directs you to important industry sources and manufacturers. 643.7/H--Brookhaven

Plan Your Kitchen by Lorrie Mack. A different sort of book with split pages to let you mix and match kitchen styles, it provides hundreds of design combinations at-a-glance. 747.797/M--Brookhaven

And two books just to drool over......
Creating a New Old House by Russell Versaci. A traditional house is a house meant to last. Each of the 18 homes in this book was chosen as one of the best examples of a classic regional style from across the country. Lavish photographs take you inside each home and illustrate classic details. 728.37/V--Brookhaven

A House on the Water by Robert Knight. Living at the water's edge is almost a universal desire. Just as building on a beautiful street has its obligations, building a house on the water requires respect for the public space that surrounds it. The 24 homes in this book represent outstanding examples of the relationship of the house to water--seaside, lakeside, and riverside. 728.0974/K--Brookhaven


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