Friday, October 26, 2007

October 26, 2007

Welcome to the FIRST issue of the Lincoln Lawrence Franklin Regional Library's blog! We're so glad you've joined us. In each issue we'll bring you news of new books, movies, audio CDs and events at our libraries. Let us know what you think and help us improve the blog and services to YOU, our favorite patron.

New books this week:

11 Days in December : Christmas at the Bulge, 1944 by Stanley Weintraub.
For our World War II buffs, 11 Days in December was written by a master historian and biographer. This is the remarkable story of the Battle of the Bulge as it has never been told before. From frozen foxholes to barn shelters to boxcars packed with wretched prisoners of war, Weintraub brings these days during the final Christmas season of World War II to life. As Weintraub explains in the preface, this is not a detailed military history of the Ardennes campaign but a look at 10 days on a frozen World War II battlefront through the lens of Christmas. The word on the street is that this is a very readable book. 940.54219348/W (Lincoln County Public Library)

Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself by Alan Alda.
Picking up where his bestselling memoir left off, Alda takes an insightful and humorous look at some of the impossible questions he has asked himself over the years. "What do I value? What is the good life? What is the meaning of life?" In a candid, wise and questioning way, Alda amuses and moves us with his unique and hilarious meditations on questions large and small. Another great performance. B/ALDA (Lincoln County Public Library)

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